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Saturday, September 12, 2009

note: an introduction

This show is a complex snap shot of new contemporary Indian artists who work out of (the culture scape called) Delhi. The show puts together a mix of artists’ whose works the city has not quite engaged with (in terms of the dominant gallery structures) and are curatorial deemed important to be viewed and engaged with. The snapshot claims complexity because it does not fit into the conventional idea of upcoming artists, yet it is constructed out of a curatorial hunch regarding an array of artists who have been working in the city for sometime now and have worked away from the market glare and the all consuming stylistic homogeneity. One key aim of this show is to establish that art exists outside of dominant trends and often such work often reflect a layered sense of artistic practice and a kind of personal engagement with art making which was being rendered unfashionable during the market boom that clouded our taste.
It is a non thematic show, thought the pressure to bestow a theme on every curated show is hard to ignore one feels that this goes against the nature of this curatorial endeavor. The curatorial enterprise instead chooses to focus on a critical selection and working out display in close collaboration with artists.

This blog , as a part of the confirmation, the participating artists are invited to join the blog (separate invites for which are being sent). The blog proposes to be a site where in the participating artist and the curator meet and exchange ideas. It is also a site where in artist are invited to upload the works/ concepts being prepared for the show. This will enable a closely worked out planning of the display.


  1. greetings! some of we are here now ;-)
    ok, so i am under this strange old username as it is linked to my primary email. megha

  2. We are here now!

    This July while I was working at the religare residency, this phrase kept coming to me , 'Im here now', I kept telling my self im going to name my work, Im here now! That work was however called 'my secret home on Earth'.

    It is calming to see my realization get strengthened and manifest as a collective consciousness.

    It is good to be here now, finally!

    Watch this video of the secret home on earth.


    We are usually HERE than there.

  3. We seem to be conditioned to want an artwork to be easily recognizable as the artist's - the operative word here is 'easily'...perhaps if I had spent some lacs in owning an xyz, I would want it to be recognized as an 'xyz' - therefore to a some extent, the market dictates stylistic homogeneity. The other reason would be to 'master' a paticular style - work on it till you can't anymore. I am not afraid of hard work but that would bore me - every piece is a struggle in itself - and that is where it ends. Or perhaps the popularity of a style leads to it being created repeatedly. It is important to find a language with which one can communicate effectively but what if you are multi-lingual and who is to say what is said and what is understood?
    I am happy to be called an artist who has "worked away from the market glare and the all consuming stylistic homogeneity"...I have sometimes been told that I should "stick to a signature style" - well I cannot (in an apparent manner) and i hope that there will be those who will see the underlying sameness in them. My style is based on constantly experimenting, using new materials, new metaphors...based on my artistic personality - it is mercurial and refuses to consiously aim for homogeneity - I love what I do and I will do it in a way I enjoy - that is where i see truth and beauty...

  4. hi everyone...sorry for joining the discussions late. wonder if you all have been thinking of what kind of work we are going to put up...me feels that one should meet at the gallery together.
    how does that sound

  5. rahul pl send me your ph no, and when have you decided to have the show.I was out of station. please keep us informed.

  6. rahul, yes, do lets meet up! am away for the sandarbh sculpture workshop at baroda from 24th, so pls try and make it soon.

  7. hi ...first sharing my phone number in case you guys don't have it 9868664510.

    have made two new poss..do have a ping.

  8. ya rahul lets meet up at d gallery al of us ... we can talk about our works n d show thn


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